For long tax payers had wish there was an online user friendly solution for tax preparation, and tax filing for people who submit return on regular basis. And I’m glad to share my finding with the rest of the readers that I have found a good online tax preparation and filing portal, available to the salaried class individuals of Pakistan. is an online tax preparation and filing portal assisting individuals in an expedient manner. Anyone who wishes to file his / her income tax return, or register NTN – National Tax Number, can use this website.

One for ALL
Once you sign in, you could choose the level of your expertise for the matter. This sets the tone for the process ahead. If you do not have much knowledge about the process, you could choose expert level as basic. This feature allows any and all individuals, who have till date shied away from the process thinking that it is not their cup of tea to prepare and file their income tax returns themselves. I think this highlights the fact that this product aims to significantly contribute to increasing the outreach to common citizens of Pakistan. The info section of Befiler mentions that this initiative aims to promote the culture of documentation and tax filing in Pakistan.

Easy Format
The format for preparing tax return using is simple and self-explanatory. All you are required to do to prepare your tax return is answer simple questions in a YES or NO format and enter relevant details such as figures and amount of various transactions, bank accounts, etc. The step wise process asks you systematic questions, to lead you towards a tax working. Once you have answered all the questions, you will see that a wealth reconciliation has been prepared based on your answers. 
On the side panel, you will be shown a reconciliation of wealth. What is amazing is that the tax working is prepared based on the answers given and the values entered without having an individual to undertake the complex working.
If at this stage, or any other stage, you think you need to speak to a tax consultant, or get better understanding of any of the steps, you can always write in an email at, or ping for a live chat during the office hours, or even call to speak to befiler’s tax consultants or customer representatives. I found that their response rate, and the dedication to solve your problem is amazing.